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About Natural Home Foods, Coimbatore




Natural Home Foods, A pet project dedicated to the Youth of India By Smt. Sakunthala Palaniswami.

Aimed at serving High quality, Traditional, Pure Vegetarian and affordable Home Made Food Products.

After much research we found that People who are away from home crave for food that is equivalent to that is made at their homes.

At Natural Home Foods the focus is on serving homemade food for Working people & students who are away from home.

Homemade food is healthy and nutritious and prepared with utmost care and in a hygienic way.

Our product speaks our Values and quality, as our customer who eats our home food often refers about our food taste and quality to others.

Values and Principles




We value customers’ health and hard earned money, so we ensure delivery of best in quality of Food instead of concentrating on glossy printing and colorful advertisements.

We cook with high quality products with efficient service as our Motto.

The food here is prepared by homemakers so it is natural that food tastes like it is made at home. Lots of Love, care and affection comes free as ingredients.

A hotel can be luxury but a home is intended for peace of Mind.

We recommend everyone to eat at home if not possible eat somewhere food is prepared as it is at home.





Today when the whole world is going back to Organic, Green, Herbal, Eco friendly, Fruits, Raw Food etc, so why our home should made Food be any different.

So Dear Friends try to eat at home at all times, if you are away from home choose the right homemade food and naturally Natural Home foods is the right choice.

. You are always welcome to taste the food we offer, and then your body will immediately tell the difference between Hotel food and quality home-made food and the high standards that we have set.

We prepare our food with love and affection which you will feel through our quality of food.